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Stencil-prep 8 oz spray Tatu-derm Roll Pacon Tracing Paper
Stencil-prep 8 oz spray
Our Price: $15.00
Tatu-derm Roll
Our Price: $33.00
Pacon Tracing Paper
List Price: $38.00
Our Price: $38.00
8 oz spray bottle of Stencil-prep® solution for stencils that won't rub off. Patented and Made in the USA.
A single roll of Tatu-derm, six inches wide and five yards long.
Save $11/roll on any full case quantity purchase - ten rolls per case.
A case of ten rolls is just $220
Ream of 500 sheets Pacon tracing paper 8.5X11"
This is a semi-transparent paper suitable for printing InkJet Stencils or tracing. The 500-sheet ream of 8.5" X 11" sheets is convenient printing InkJet Stencils for tattoos. Recyclable. 25 lb The image shows 2 reams.

InkJet Stencils 8.5X14" paper Stencil-prep Gallon InkJet Stencil Bottle
Stencil-prep Gallon
Our Price: $125.00
InkJet Stencil Bottle
List Price: $150.00
Our Price: $150.00
Ream of 500 sheets Pacon tracing paper 8.5X14"
This is a semi-transparent paper suitable for printing longer InkJet Stencils or tracing. The 8.5" X 14" sheets fit in Epson EcoTank printers for larger tattoo stencils on single ply paper. Recyclable. 25 lb
Image shows 2 reams.

One gallon of Stencil-prep® lotion to pour, pump or spray on the skin for tattoo stencils that won't rub off.
Each gallon of Stencil-prep® comes with a hand pump and a 2 ounce spray bottle to use at the work station.

InkJet Stencils is a patented formula that prints high resolution images on single ply paper for tattoo stencils.
InkJet Stencils Starter Kit
The kit includes one 4 oz bottle of InkJet Stencil® patented formula to fill a new Epson EcoTank printer, 2 reams of 8.5X11" tracing paper and and 8 oz bottle of Stencil-prep® spray.
The kit includes a roll of Tatu-derm® at no extra charge.
You buy the printer and this kit will get you started with detailed instructions on set up. Monochrome models are preferred.


Tattoo Supplies and Aftercare

Our collection offers innovative tattoo shop supplies that improve the tattoo experience. Shop our selection of made in the USA products designed to ensure your tattooing success.

Give your clients the professional tattoo aftercare they look for with Tatu-Derm®. We offer your clients patented tattoo protection for clean and uninterrupted recovery through advanced technology trusted by healthcare professionals everywhere. By applying this film to the new tattoo before your client leaves your studio, you can ensure that he or she will leave with the protection necessary to keep tattoos from contact with particles, contaminants, water or abrasion.

Discover Easier Tattoo Setup

Expand your selection of indispensable tattoo shop supplies with our unique sterile Matrix™ Ink Cup Palette, designed for stability and easy setup for complex tattoos requiring a variety of colors. The Matrix™ Ink Cup Palette is stackable, stores flat and was designed to reduce set-up time for complex full color tattoos that use up to fifty colors. Ask us about our volume discounts.