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Tatu-derm short roll Tatu-derm Roll
Tatu-derm short roll
Our Price: $15.00
Tatu-derm Roll
Our Price: $33.00
Tatu-derm single short roll for individual use. Each roll is sterile and can be used on a new tattoo and sent home with the client for subsequent applications. Same six inch width and 42 inches long, this roll has been developed for retail in the tattoo shop and for individuals to purchase for a lower cost. Same high quality for a lower cost. The short roll retail price is $0.079 per square inch for reference with our other products.
A single roll of Tatu-derm, six inches wide and five yards long.
Save $11/roll on any full case quantity purchase - ten rolls per case.
A case of ten rolls is just $220

Tatu-Derm® Is Your Tattoo Aftercare Solution

Quick and easy tattoo protection for your new tattoo is just a few steps away. Eliminate scabs and experience easier recovery by keeping dirt and germs out while keeping moisture in. Minimize irritation, retain best color and keep your tattoo hydrated without topical aftercare supplies that can be messy, expensive and time consuming.

How Does It Work?

Tatu-Derm® works simply. Apply the transparent, waterproof film to completely cover up your new tattoo, then go about your day. The waterproof protection allows you to engage in normal activities like swimming, working out and showering right away without exposing the new tattoo. Tatu-Derm® protects your tattoo from dirt, dust and other particles that can compromise quality and cleanliness while keeping your natural moisture in. Application is easy, sanitary and provides your tattoo with aftercare protection that you can trust.