What to expect
It's simple to use - Call if you have questions

When you cover a new tattoo with Tatu-dermŽ the adhesive will stick very well to dry skin forming a waterproof barrier. It will not stick to the new tattoo because it is moist and producing fluid. With coverage of an inch or more all around the tattoo, all body fluid will be contained. After 12 to 24 hours some fluid will build up. A little fluid is OK. If there is significant fluid build up the skin is under water and not breathing so the Tatu-dermŽ should be removed and reapplied.

If you are allergic to adhesive and redness occurs, remove the Tatu-dermŽ and discontinue use.
If the tattoo is dry or scabbed the adhesive will stick to it and it will be painful to remove.

If you have questions when you are using it, do not hesitate to call and we can talk you through it. 408-891-8181