Our Story

Tatu-derm® was created in 2005 when our inked inventor Rusty woke up with his back stuck to the sheets after getting a new tattoo. He was angry with the lack of protection his tattoo artist had to offer and this fueled his creative process. He began researching moist wound management and started testing ideas on himself and a few tattoo artist friends. The idea took off, he filed patents, trademarks and started our company TatuYou.

Tattoo conventions gave us the chance to bring Tatu-dermĀ® to our early customers. Social media helped share more information with friends near and far. Once tattoo artists starting asking their suppliers for it, we began selling to tattoo supply distributors in addition to direct sales on our website. We now sell to customers in all 50 states and have over 30 distributors on 5 continents.

With over 60 years combined manufacturing experience, Rusty in product development and Donna in design, sales and supply chain management, we are committed to manufacturing and creating jobs in the USA. Our mission is to improve the tattoo experience selling only products that we develop and manufacture. We are excited about new products that are in development now and open to hearing your ideas.

We are fun loving regular people just like you. We love getting new tattoos, riding motorcycles, spending time with family and friends. We love our work and our customers and we really appreciate your business.