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MIP-container   Clear Container
TY-BOOKMARK   literature Bookmark
MIP-20   Matrix Ink Palette - pack of 20
MIP-100   Matrix Ink Palette Box of 100
MIP-case   Matrix Ink Palette Case
SP-pump   SP-pump
SP-spray   SP-spray
SP-case   Stencil-prep case
SP-gallon   Stencil-prep Gallon
TD6X4-10pack   Tatu-Derm 10 each 6" x 4" sheets
TD6X8-10pack   Tatu-Derm 10 each, 6 x 8 sheets
TD6X180-10   Tatu-Derm 10 each, 6" x 180" rolls
TD6X4-100   Tatu-derm 6X4 sheets - 100 per case
TD6X8-100   Tatu-derm 6X8 sheets 100 per case
TD-Bottle   Tatu-Derm Airtight Container
TD6X180-case   Tatu-derm case of 10 rolls
TD11.5X180-10   Tatu-derm Case of 10 Wide Rolls
TD-Instructions   Tatu-derm Instructions
TD-retail-kit   Tatu-derm Retail Display
TD6X42-roll   Tatu-derm short roll
TD6X42-case   Tatu-derm short roll case
TD11.5X180   Tatu-derm Wide Roll
TD6X180   Tatu-derm, One roll, 6 x 180"
TP-25   Tatu-prep Stencil Prep 25 per box

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