Application Tips!
Initial Tatu-derm application should be in place for 12 to 24 hours.


"My clients love TatuDerm...I find it is the best bandage for that critical first 24 hours. It keeps people from messing with their tats and lets the skin do its thing for that first day or so." - Beth in Spokane.

" the Derm...I would use nothing else on my tats." - M. Carnes

" works very well for my clients that have jobs in dirty environments. so far it seems like a great product." C. Hognell

" I am a huge fan of your product. I wouldn't try to heal a tattoo without tatu-derm." - B. Wagner

"Helped my feet tattoos unlike anything. - D. Collins

"Heals faster, protects work clothes." - R. Rangle

"My tattoo is looking great after using your product :) it hasn't dried up or scabbed or anything." - J. Sorenson


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Tatu-derm® provides medical grade tattoo treatment for new tattoos. The breathable barrier allows moisture to escape while keeping dirt and other contaminates out.

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Tatu-derm Instructions

Tatu-derm literature card with instructions on the back for customers to take home.
Soft file of instructions also available on request by email
so you can print paper copies.
Tatu-derm - One roll, 6 x 180
Tatu-derm(TM), One roll, 6 x 180
List Price: $29.50
Our Price: $29.50

Tatu-Derm(TM) 1 roll, 6" x 180". Packaged and sterilized. One roll will cover 20 average 5"X7" tattoos. Discounts available for case quantities.Product Review in Tattoo Master Magazine

Tatu-Derm® 10 each 6" x 4" sheets
Our Price: $30.00

Tatu-Derm® 10 each 6" x 4" sheets. Each sheet individually packaged and sterilized.
Tatu-Derm(TM) 10 each, 6 x 8 sheets
Our Price: $35.00

Tatu-Derm(TM) case of 10 each, 6"x 8" sheets. Each is packaged.
Tatu-derm case of 10 rolls
Our Price: $295.00

Ten rolls of Tatu-derm per case
with Tatu-derm instruction cards for customers to take home.
case discounts
10% off 2 cases
15% off 3 cases
20% off 4 cases
Tatu-Derm(TM) 200 each, 6 x 4 sheets
Our Price: $475.00

Tatu-Derm(TM) case of 200 each, 6"x 4" sheets. Each sheet is individually packaged and sterilized.